Thames Water

A spotlight for excellence

Making it easy for Thames Water to recognise people for delivering on the vision


For Thames Water, in a world where consumers are expecting more, Customer Service has taken centre stage to help differentiate them from their competitors. To recognise this culture shift, Thames Water wanted a first class recognition programme.

The annual Customer Service awards were created with the intention to thank people for their great work and create a platform to show what excellence looks like.

We worked with Thames Water to develop an effortless way to deliver these awards and help maximise engagement.

A spotlight for excellence


Firstly, we, in conjunction with the client, rationalised and simplified both how the awards physically ran but also what they consisted of. Categories were slimmed down from 12 to 4 to ensure maximum engagement from employees.

To deliver the awards, a digital platform was the most obvious and effective solution. We scoped, designed and built a clear and easy to use microsite with an emphasis on making the nomination process as simple as possible. The design took a lead from the new brand guidelines, however we ensured the microsite had standout from the uniform and blue Thames Water landscape.

As part of the wider positioning, we created the umbrella concept for the awards – A Spotlight on Excellence. This identity ran throughout the microsite and supporting comms.

A spotlight for excellence


The Customer Service awards were a great success and nominations doubled in comparison to other people based awards within the company. In addition, the awards ceremony provided a great opportunity for stories of excellence to be shared within Thames Water.

Based on this achievement, the following year Thames Water chose to combine existing awards for all business areas into one digital platform. The nominations increased a huge 240% from the previous year as a result.

A spotlight for excellence

Reward & Recognition

Have you ever discovered a box of chocolates or a bottle of something stronger on your desk? A thank you for a great job not only boosts our mood, but also our motivation to carry on that way.

However you want to recognise or reward your employees we can help identify create the perfect solution.

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