A magical product launch

Marking a monumental moment in Sky's history through an unforgettable product launch


Sky Glass. It’s the first carbon neutral TV of its kind, offering customers a viewing and sound system experience unlike any other. Featuring cutting edge sound and picture quality alongside Sky built in, it offers customers everything they need from their TV, right at the heart of their home.

Our brief was to create an internal launch of Sky Glass that was a truly unforgettable experience, surpassing anything we’ve ever done before.

A magical product launch
  • 30,000+

    watched the live event

  • 6,000

    competition entries

  • 8+

    months of planning


To mark this monumental moment in Sky’s history, we needed to push our creative vision further than ever, whilst simultaneously navigating the challenges of a post-pandemic world. Our aim was to create a disruptive and immersive campaign that delivered on driving up excitement, providing a sense of pride to work here and encouraging active employee advocacy of Sky Glass.

From scalable on-site transformations and digital takeovers to live streaming the keynote announcement, we made sure to consider the employee experience throughout each phase of the campaign.

A magical product launch


We met and exceeded the KPIs for the campaign which resulted in:

• Increased organic advocacy both in our internal and external channels

• A united business in a post-pandemic world

• A sense of pride

• Contributed to sustaining and evolving our culture

• Delivered on our Internal Comms vision to ‘Share the brilliant Sky

Story to support, connect and inspire our people, as One Sky, to be advocates across all our markets.’

A magical product launch

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