Lost World

An 'out of this world' team building experience

An immersive escape room adventure that encouraged collaboration 


Every November, 350 Reply leaders from around the world come together for a conference. There is understandably a lot of information absorbed. Reply came to us to provide a welcome break in the schedule. An energiser. Team building. Escapism. 

An 'out of this world' team building experience
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    Themed Islands


The leaders were from a diverse mix of Reply companies and therefore had different skill sets. With that in mind we created a game that would appeal to everyone and challenge them in different ways. Combining a mix of creative, skill, mathematical and memory challenges.

The result was an immersive escape room experience where the only way out was good team work and communication. Over four virtual islands, against the clock, the leaders faced a variety of challenges to win as many gold coins as they could, from decoding hieroglyphics to a scavenger hunt for a witch’s brew. 

An 'out of this world' team building experience


The outcome was truly uplifting. Every room buzzing with activity. Cheers echoed in hallways. Adults running the grounds like children. Hundreds of leaders exchanging notes after. “The best team building experience we’ve ever had!” 

The leaders left the experience not just having fun, but also got to collaborate and solve challenges together with other leaders who they have not met before.

An 'out of this world' team building experience

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