William Hill

Value in gamification

Making company values go the distance within a disparate workforce


William Hill had firmed up their new company values and needed to communicate them to a national workforce that, being primarily retail based, were more than a few furlongs apart.

We decided an online game would not only solve the geographical problem, but become an odds-on favourite as an engaging soft (to good) intro to each value, before further cascading from regional managers. The interactive game, housed on a communal tablet, invited users to pick a horse that represented one of their values.

Once chosen, the user raced their horse/value against the others by tapping on the screen as fast as possible.

Value in gamification


William Hill shops were given one tablet and login per shop, making it possible for everyone to play, yet easy to share results and create healthy competition.

Value in gamification


We created a leaderboard within the game that identified users by shop, region and area, as well as the fastest individual race time. This simultaneously created a team spirit whilst also bringing William Hill together across the nation. Grand!

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Value in gamification

Values & Culture

Values should be… valued. A clear set of values inform employees on the choices they make, day to day. And the more consistent these choices are, the stronger the company’s culture will be. If your values and their associated behaviours are clear, then they will serve not only as a guide for existing employees – but also in identifying whether potential recruits will fit.

We help to create, define and roll out company values and behaviours.