MSC Cruises

Taking employees on a valuable journey

Immersing a disparate workforce in MSC Cruises refreshed values


MSC Cruises had worked hard to articulate their Values. The desire for the launch was to bring them to life, ensuring both employees on board and onshore had the same experience, connecting with each of the values in a way which was meaningful and inspiring. Understanding what worked best for each audience was key to the success of the project, along with strong visuals and clarity of message.

Taking employees on a valuable journey



The majority of the MSC employee community are based onboard cruise ships with little or no access to digital channels. Rotating shift patterns and limited space for printed material also presents a challenge in terms of sharing information.  With crew and onshore employees comprising 86+ nationalities, language was also a factor to consider in our communications. Delivering a consistent message which aligned the offshore and onshore employee communities was essential.


Site surveys, collaboration with stakeholders and one to one interviews with members of the key audience groups mapped their path on a daily basis, identifying individual employee touchpoints. This ensured the Values imagery was visible every day. Tailored copy ensured messaging was integrated into business as usual narrative including employee communications, on-boarding materials and even recruitment campaigns.

We brought the values to life through a core creative that felt inspiring, clear and engaging. The global launch campaign involved a rolling programme of ‘launch moments’ onboard and onshore, with subsequent follow-through activity. Supporting collateral included employee giveaways, posters, handouts with takeovers of staff areas on ships, plasmas, crew TV channels.

Taking employees on a valuable journey


  • Global celebration and launch events attended by executive leaders

  • Engaging core creative and deliverables

  • A takeover of all channels and ongoing embedding activity

  • Visible engagement of values launch activity on internal channels

  • Values advocates emerged both onshore and on board 

Taking employees on a valuable journey

Values & Culture

Values should be… valued. A clear set of values inform employees on the choices they make, day to day. And the more consistent these choices are, the stronger the company’s culture will be. If your values and their associated behaviours are clear, then they will serve not only as a guide for existing employees – but also in identifying whether potential recruits will fit.

We help to create, define and roll out company values and behaviours.