Bringing BP's strategy to life

Communicating the BP Shipping strategy both onshore and offshore, across all regions


In an industry facing ongoing change and volatility, BP Shipping identified a need to rearticulate their strategy to reposition their function within the wider BP context.

One of the biggest challenges faced was the disparate workforce. We worked with BP to produce an engaging way to communicate this strategy both onshore and offshore across all regions.

Bringing BP's strategy to life


Our first objective was to fully understand the realignment of the BP Shipping strategy. To do so, we attended internal workshops where teams were helping shape its direction, and listened to the language used to articulate this. This provided a strong foundation for us to build an engaging visual identity for the BP Shipping strategy – one that truly brought it to life.

Strategy cascade workshops would be taking place at offices across the world, so a scalable solution was necessary to reach the entire workforce. Our solution was to design and produce an interactive board game, where employees would answer strategy-based questions.

We worked with suppliers to realise this: from sourcing ship game pieces to life-size boards. Two options were created, a life-size floor mat version and a table-top version, to cater for all venues. This was supported with an accompanying animation to launch the strategy, as well as a suite of printed supporting collateral. 

Bringing BP's strategy to life


The strategy cascade workshops were a big success, with an overwhelmingly positive employee response as the strategy was accessible to all. We have since been asked to work with BP on a number of further projects relating to their strategy.

Bringing BP's strategy to life

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