Turning values into actions

Uniting multiple audiences with a united vision


For the first time in 10 years, Sky were repositioning their Purpose and Values.

When you’ve got an audience as varied as Sky’s, the challenge is finding ways to unite everyone. Sky needed to reach out to their people and update them about the evolution of their new purpose, values and vision. They wanted to communicate their relentless commitment to the customer through a united motivational and  everyday-achievable way of working.

Our solution? We used clear and engaging messaging, combined with bespoke learning gamification and exciting experiential activities that encouraged and praised employees and motivated employees.

Turning values into actions
  • 1,118

    people took part in the experiential activity

  • 8,704

    unique users played the online game

  • 32,669

    challenges completed in 3 weeks


We brought the brand purpose to life in a simple, authentic, credible way. We wanted to increase employee morale and add context to the values so that everyone could live them in their day to day.

We developed a fun online game with weekly challenges that landed each of the values. We created a ‘Values Vault’ experiential activity that toured the UK which encouraged Sky people to dive and get involved.

The whole campaign was supported by inspirational environmental branding across the estate as well as branded rewards and merchandise.

Turning values into actions


We disrupted the audiences everyday environments and made them more engaging by filling them with fun, inspiring, captivating content. We fully integrated them across print and digital to successfully build a sense of trust, uniting employees with a refreshed ‘can do’ attitude and a refocus on customers.

Turning values into actions

Values & Culture

Values should be… valued. A clear set of values inform employees on the choices they make, day to day. And the more consistent these choices are, the stronger the company’s culture will be. If your values and their associated behaviours are clear, then they will serve not only as a guide for existing employees – but also in identifying whether potential recruits will fit.

We help to create, define and roll out company values and behaviours.