Using storytelling to create advocates

Launching British Gas’s values with a campaign to create positivity and belief in the purpose and inspire real action


There are lots of reasons to be proud to work for British Gas.

Our approach was to promote 'stories of pride' from around the business and use these to inspire people and reinforce the British Gas values. We worked with the client to ensure we produced a campaign that had authenticity at its heart, while offering a platform with the potential for these stories to go viral.

Using storytelling to create advocates


Our first objective was to understand our audience. In this case the audience was a potential 35,000 employees ranging from a remote engineer with a company issued iPhone, to a call centre employee with limited ‘off phone’ time, no company mobile and a desktop machine with no speakers.

As a result, we worked with our digital team to explore innovative solutions that would be accessible to this varied audience. Our proposed solution was to develop a bespoke video sharing web app, where employees could view, like and upload their own stories. This web app would sit at the heart of the campaign.

To drive engagement with the web app, we developed a campaign with a simple identity that was a call to action to share. From tease to launch the campaign was inclusive, catered for all employees (including those with varying levels of technological knowledge) and encouraged conversation.

Using storytelling to create advocates


There was a high level of engagement with the campaign from employees across the business, with the site receiving 68 stories of pride within the first month – 20 of which were videos.

Using storytelling to create advocates

Transformational Communications

Cultures don’t shift easily. Change initiatives have a history of resistance and failure. But strategic comms can change that.

Addressing your people’s needs and highlighting a shared vision will spark a new way of thinking, behaving and being.