Game-changing product launch

Engage, excite and educate staff on the benefits of Sky Mobile while landing the customer proposition and strategy behind it


A simple objective - engage and educate a workforce of over 25,000 people with the new offering to produce an army of advocates. We partnered with Sky to internally launch their new market changing proposition, Sky Mobile.

Game-changing product launch


Creating multiple physical and digital installations around Sky, we took a three-phase approach leading up to the announcement and launch of the new service – Educate, Inspire, Advocate.

Educate - Employees used their mobile phones to interact with the installations. Through a simple web socket game people competed against each other whilst learning about the new proposition.

Inspire - On the day of launch we wrapped key Sky buildings with the new Sky Mobile brand. A bold, confident “we have arrived” statement.

Advocate - In the final phase of the campaign we created the SkyMoji generator. Through digital installations and a web app employees could create their own Sky Mobile branded emoji. Once happy with their personal SkyMoji they could then share via social media and really spread the word that Sky Mobile has arrived!

Game-changing product launch


To date over 90% of staff have directly engaged with Sky Mobile and 60% have shared content externally on social channels.


Game-changing product launch

Gamified Learning and Training

Blackboards and parrot recitals are so old school. Whether it’s how to use new technology, understanding a new product or new compliance regulations, an already busy workforce needs more effective ways of learning.

We base the learning content on your people’s needs whether that be eLearning, interactive video, VR experiences or printed guides.