Ready For Remote Working?

By: James Norrington, Partner

Ready For Remote Working?

If the public health advice was to recommend ‘self-isolation’ and ‘remote-working’ with immediate effect, would your business be ready?

Do you have the right tools, all the answers and a strong strategy to keep your employees informed, reassured and most importantly performing?

We’re helping many of our clients communicate and support their employees in preparation for this change. Here are some of the ways you can prepare your people, too.


People need guidance

Create a ‘remote working’ guide to make it easy for your employees to access any information, wherever they are.

Show them how to access your systems and tools offsite and reassure them their information is safe and secure within your network.

Use a dynamic guide to clarify ways of working over this period which can evolve with new advice.

Consider the benefits of 2-way conversations, using feedback surveys to know what works best in an ever-evolving situation.

Clear leadership is key

As your company’s ways of working change, leadership communication and support will be more important than ever. Communicate clearly, regularly and with one message.

Keep your managers equipped to maintain a steady rhythm of communication on a local level, across the business, so that everyone feels informed and connected.

Health and wellbeing is for remote working too

Working from home can be isolating, lonely and impacts people’s health. If people know you care, then they’ll perform better wherever they work.

Use your social channels and create a comms plan to keep people connected, uplifted and feeling like they are (still) part of the company.

Be ready

We understand that change can be frustrating and stressful for your people – even more so if they’re not used to working remotely. So, if you’re thinking about how you can keep your people updated during this time, we can help. Give us a call.