Immersive Experiences

By: Andie O'Leary, Design Director

Immersive Experiences

It’s an exciting time for people like me, always on the lookout for the next must-do weekend activity.

Why go to the cinema when you can be part of the drama? Why watch a zombie movie when you can be chased by zombies around a derelict shopping center?! 


OK…but immersive experiences are sprouting up everywhere!

There are interactive theatrical experiences, live cinema events, terrifying zombie runs, time-critical, puzzle-solving escape rooms, dramatic espionage missions…the list goes on.

And it got me thinking. Isn’t it about time we freshen up corporate team-building activities? Because companies are still balancing eggs on paper bridges and it doesn't have to be this way!

At Avvio Reply we recently had the opportunity to create bespoke team-building challenges for Nationwide. Challenges created specifically for Nationwide and designed to make the delegates think and act differently. 

We used props and actors to bring to life a bakery scenario designed to investigate methods for simplifying process. We created an art exhibition designed to encourage delegates to think about their brand. We invented a tech development company that highlighted the need for agility and a restaurant kitchen that tested teamwork.

The challenges were a huge success. They were fun, memorable and truly effective. Nationwide had never done anything like this before and now we know it works, the possibilities are endless... contact us today to make your next conference something to remember.