Healthy Competition For A Good Cause

By: Karl Shannon, Senior Creative

Healthy Competition For A Good Cause

It began as a way for us to team up and make some money for Cancer Research UK. 

A week of walking later, it’s brought out more than just our charitable side.

Avvio Walks All Over Cancer just got competitive.

It’s no longer about hitting 10,000 steps a day. There’s a leaderboard by Penny’s desk.

And everyone (whether they show it or not) wants to be top.


So who do you reckon will come out 1st on the 31st?


Craig ‘The Swan’ Swanwick. Like a swan, he quietly goes about his business without anyone knowing how hard his legs are working. Craig snubs lie-ins for HiiT and runs with his dachshund (imagine that step count). Craig is the one to beat. Current step count: 195,316.

Sonia ‘SeeYouLater’ Dandy Bee. She may not put as many stepping hours in, but her step rate is faster than a sandpiper on hot sand. Also known as ‘The Pneumatic Northerner’. Current step count: 164,191.

Kiri ‘The Saint’ Sinclair. Not your everyday fitness fanatic, but her passion and dedication to the cause makes up for it. She’s so focussed, the ‘school run’ has taken on a more literal meaning. Current step count: 152,205.

Matt ‘Walking Up That’ Hill. This guy walks everywhere. Not only is he striding from desk to desk with his digital wisdom, he escorts his fiancé to the train station on a sickeningly regular basis. Current step count: 150,205.


Whoever finishes top, one certainty is, we’re making a lot of money for Cancer Research UK.

And there are over twenty of us committed to 10,000 steps a day throughout March.

Together, we’ll walk it.

I’m sorry. I didn’t need to say that.