3 reasons why 2021 didn’t suck

By: Andie O’Leary, Design Director

3 reasons why 2021 didn’t suck

Katie, Karl and Charlotte. These three were crowned winners of this year’s Avvio Allstars. To us, this is like the Oscars without the rhinestoned stilettos.

Winner: Gusto the go-getter Katie McKenna

Like a bee made of mozzarella, Katie has been busy stretching herself this year. Always meticulous, finding better ways of working, adding value to every project and growing her Amazon account.

Winner: Bing the smart thinker Karl Shannon

Karl has not only delivered beautiful pictures and clever words, but left his comfort zone behind in another solar system to help manage a live event.

Winner: Frank the one with integrity Charlotte Moore

If you cut Charlotte in half you would have just wasted a truly passionate employee. She’s Avvio Reply right through. Her dedication to Sky is huge, even on the little jobs.

Congratulations to our three Allstars for 2021. And hard luck to those that came a close second. There were lots of them.

Long live recognition

Unsurprisingly, remote working has seen recognition numbers dip. We’ve seen more of each others’ kitchen walls, but less of all the brilliant work that we’re all doing.

But we must not stop giving our daily boosts. Employee recognition not only motivates great performance, it helps us understand the values and behaviours of a company.

And most importantly it shows that our colleagues appreciate us, that our leaders value our contribution and it makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

Do you need a hand with a recognition scheme? Let’s chat.